Grand Teton & Yellowstone – Tuesday

Today we took an all day (12 hour) tour of these two national parks. How do you describe the un-describable? I will try with a few pictures from our trip. Here is a picture of the Teton mountain range.


This is us on our way into Yellowstone.


The Lewis River. Named after Clark’s traveling companion.


Isa Lake at Craig Pass. Not much to look at but has been called the world’s most unusual lake. Do you know why?


Thar she blows, right on time. Old Faithful shot 121 feet in the air.


A view of the mud pots at the Lower Geyser Basin.


Looking down at the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River.


Here we are with the Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River in the background.


The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Pictures can never do it justice. Words can never describe it properly. Is that better Ron 😉


We had a bison try to catch our tour bus but we were moving too fast.


After a long look at Yellowstone Lake – and an ice cream cone – we headed back to Jackson



One thought on “Grand Teton & Yellowstone – Tuesday

  1. It is BEAUTIFUL isn’t it? There is a lot to be said about the West. We love it and I think we have a couple of those pic’s. Hurry up and get here but be safe, we can’t wait to see you and hear about all the adventures you have had on your trip.
    Love you both, Mar and Frank

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