Days Six and Seven

Day six was a day of rest in Jackson. Day seven was a travel day (6 1/2 hours) from Jackson to Boise. It was great to see our friends – Frank and Marlene Celsnak – at the end of our day’s journey. We had a wonderful dinner and watched half of a movie before ‘lights out.’

We have traveled 2314 miles (plus 12 hours in a tour bus) so far. We have gone through seven states – Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Corn, South Dakota, Wyoming and Potato. Because young people (and old people) seem to confuse the two states that start with an I (correction – previously read U) and have three syllables I have changed their names to something we all can relate too. I plan to make these changes official once I find time to send an email to President Obama.

For those of you traveling to Boise, please be advised. Boise is pronounced BoyC, not BoyZ. SueZ is having trouble with this concept 😉


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