Tuesday – Fun Day in Scottsdale

We had a light breakfast in our room and then headed to the dealer for an oil change. Terry and Eileen Carlson picked us up at the dealership and we headed to Cave Creek for a nice lunch at Harold’s Corral – a hangout for Pittsburgh Steelers fans on football Sundays.


After lunch we stopped by The Town Dump – a twelve month a year garage sale store. Lots of stuff you can’t find anywhere else like this grille.


As we were leaving a ‘seedy’ looking couple spotted our Michigan license plate and ask if they could catch a ride with us. When we told them we were FLYING back on Thursday they didn’t seem to understand 😉


We went back to the hotel and crashed. I think three weeks on the road is starting to catch up with us!


One thought on “Tuesday – Fun Day in Scottsdale

  1. Enjoying all the photo’s. Terry and Eileen look great.
    I expect to see the pig in The Villages when we get there. Did you ship it?
    I love the Muchacho and his Senorita.

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